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Platform for the submission of requests for free legal assistance by non-profits entities or individuals in economic need.

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Pro Bono platform

Pro Bono Italia is an independent, apolitical, non-political and non-profit association of lawyers, Law Firms and Legal Associations, apolitical, non-political and non-profit, created in order to promote the creation of a cultural and legal ecosystem for the development and spread in Italy of Pro Bono activities.

Pro Bono activities consist in the voluntary and exclusively free legal assistance (except for possible costs and out-of-pocket expenses) provided by lawyers qualified to practice law in favor of non-profit organisations or economically disadvantaged people who cannot, for any reason, avail themselves of the institution of free legal aid at the expense of the State.

Pro Bono Italia, therefore, provides for free legal advice exclusively through its associates and members, who assume directly and under their own responsibility the pro bono assignment (given to them by the non-profit organisation or by the individual in need) on a voluntary basis, and according to their inclinations, skills and expertise

The platform

The Pro Bono Italia Platform is an online platform created for the specific purpose of collecting, examining, accepting, distributing, managing and resolving requests for free legal assistance on a Pro Bono basis, from licensed lawyers enrolled in the platform, in favor of whoever requests it and meets the requirements set forth in Pro Bono Italia association's by-laws and resolutions.

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